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Here you will find information about Aikido courses and events relevant to Birankai Germany, especially those in Germany or neighbouring countries or featuring instructors from Birankai Germany. Please note that Birankai Germany is not responsible for the content of external websites. Please check the details of events directly with the organisers.

Date Place Event
25–27 May 2018 Austria Dornbirn Birankai Austria Summer Camp with Tony Cassells Shihan, Mark Pickering Shidoin and Jürgen Schwendinger Shidoin
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22–24 Jun 2018 Switzerland Sho Gi Kan, Bern Aikido Course with Chris Mooney Shihan
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21–25 Jul 2018 Germany Landau (Pfalz) Birankai Europe Summer Camp 2018
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17–18 Nov 2018 United Kingdom Ei Mei Kan, Birmingham Aikido Course with Barbara Imboden Shidoin
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